Solar Capital Partners, which also manages Solar Senior Capital, is led by our Co-Chief Executive Officers: Michael Gross and Bruce Spohler.  Mr. Gross has over 30 years of experience in leveraged finance, private equity, and distressed debt investing.  Mr. Spohler has over 30 years of experience in evaluating and executing leverage finance transactions. Both have developed a strong reputation in the capital markets, proven through Solar Capital and Solar Senior Capital’s historical access to the debt and equity capital markets. They have managed private debt portfolios, as well as other investment types, throughout various stages of the credit cycle. They are supported by a team of highly experienced investment professionals.


Our investment professionals utilize their deep relationships in the middle market financial sponsor and financial intermediary communities to generate proprietary investment opportunities. Solar Capital Partners collaborates with its sponsor and issuer clients to provide customized financing solutions. The firm’s culture is centered on a conservative investment philosophy. For each prospective investment, our investment advisor undertakes a rigorous underwriting process with an emphasis on downside risk protection through evaluating an issuer's ability to generate sustainable cash flow to service and repay debt across a variety of economic and industry scenarios. Our senior investment professionals are involved at each stage of the investment process, from origination to repayment.


Since Solar Capital Partners’ formation in 2006, it has invested approximately $12.5 billion in 750+ different companies for
Solar Capital and Solar Senior Capital and their affiliates.



Michael Gross
Co-Chief Executive Officer,
Chairman of the Board,

Bruce Spohler
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer,Director


Investment Professionals 

Leon An

Neil J. Bonanno

Todd Constable

Julie Greenberg Reyes

Philip Guerin

Cedric Henley

Christopher Kalakay

Kyle Jordan

David Mait

Robert R. Molina

Sanjeet Raman

Jed Roper

Mitch Soiefer

Anthony Storino

Eduard Shagas

Eric Su

Krishna Thiyagarajan

Edan Yacobovsky